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Although a relatively small area, Northern Vogtland; comprising Reichenbach, Mylau, Netzschkau and Elsterberg boasts some of the most impressive and interesting sights around. The towns are all well connected by an excellent infrastructure, and are easy to reach by train or via the motorway A72 or main roads (Bundesstraßen) B92, B94 or B 173.

Of particular interest is: The Göltzschtal Bridge.

Situated between Netzschkau and Mylau, this is the biggest brick bridge in the world and a feat of technical engineering. It was described in a poem, written by the workers who built it, as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.

The bridge was constructed as part of the Leipzig - Nuremburg railway line and was necessary to cross the deep Göltzsch valley.

Facts about the Göltzschtal Bridge

Built between 1846-1851
Stands at 574m long, 78m high
4 storeys with 81 arches
Contains 26 million bricks

Designed by Prof. Andreas Schubert
Chief Engineer Robert Wilke
Construction Leader Ferdinand Dost


Reichenbach is the biggest town in Northern Vogtland with c.25.000 inhabitants and offers a number of different attractions. The town is also often known as the 'Neuberin Town', as one of Germany's most famous daughters, the actress and reformer of the German Theatre. Friederike Caroline Neuber was born here in 1697. A permanent exhibition on her life and work, as well as a section on the town's history can be seen at her birth place, now the Neuberin Museum, at Johannisplatz 3, Reichenbach (beneath the Market place.)

Also named in her honour, is the 'Neuberinhaus'. It has an 800 seat capacity and is used for concerts, plays, balls, conferences, art exhibitions and presentations. The Vogtland Philharmonic Orchestra Greiz/Reichenbach has its headquarters here and uses the building as a concert hall.

Information on events and tourist available at the information counter.
Weinholdstr.7, 08468 Reichenbach

Tel: (037 65) 121 88
Fax: (037 65) 124 25
Tues-Fri: l0.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday: l0.00am - l2.00pm

Information: Stadtverwaltung (Municipal Dept.) Reichenbach
Markt 6, 08468 Reichenbach.

Tel: (037 65) 524 480
Fax: (037 65) 524 301
Internet: http://www.reichenbach-vogtland.de


The town of Elsterberg lies embedded in a valley with the Weißen Elster river meandering around it. The whole of the market area, including the town hall built in 1840 in the neo-Gothic style and the vicarage, are under preservation protection.

Every four years the ruins of the castle are brought to life with the Elsterberg Town and Ruins Festival. Tales of the past unravel through plays, legends, folklore, song and poetry all presented in traditional costume. These ruins are today the most extensive in Vogtland. The Kriebelstein, at a height of 407m, offers an impressive view of the town.

The renovated swimming pool complex is great for young and old alike; with its huge slide, table tennis, outdoor chess and solar heated children's pool.

Information: Elsterberg Town Administration
Markt 1, 07985 Elsterberg
Tel: (03 66 21) 88 10
Fax: (03 66 21) 88 111


South east of the Göltzschtal Bridge lies the small town of Mylau (c3500 inhabitants.) The town came into existence as a result of the castle built on top of a rock hill in 1180. The castle is now perceived as the best preserved in the area and contains many interesting architectural elements from Roman to Gothic, from Baroque to Renaissance.

The castle keep is 27m high with metre-thick walls, and two courtyards. The three different styles of tower are particularly interesting. Around 1900 some interior re-designing took place, resulting in some aluable, richly decorated Historicism style rooms.

The castle also houses the Regional Museum, in existence since 1883, containing the biggest Natural History collection in Vogtland. It also provides information about the history of the town, the castle and the building of the Göltzschtal Bridge, as well as depicting an hand-weaving room; the former main industry of the town.


Museum opening times:


Mondays - closed
Tuesday - Friday - 9.00am -12.30pm
1.00pm - 5.00pm
(Nov-Mar.10.00am - 4.00pm)
Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays: 10.00am - 5.00pm.
Tel: (037 65) 392 808

At the foot of the castle is the neo-Gothic church - officially consecrated in 1890, with its 72m high steeple. It contains one of the internationally renowned late Gothic Silbermann organs; built by Gottfried Silbermann in 1731 and acquired for the original church which stood on the same site.
Tel: (037 65) 340 31



Practically adjoining Mylau, is the town of Netzschkau; well-known for its late-Gothic castle surrounded by a park. The building was built in 1490 and is considered to be an architectural gem, with its staggered gable roof and typical sandstone curtain arch windows. The richly decorated doorways, stucco-ceiling work and a 4.l0m high tiled stove built in 1627 are well worth closer inspection. Considerable recent restoration work has now rendered the exterior to its former glory and the castle is often used for concerts and exhibitions.

Interior visits and tours are available in the summer months.
Tel: (037 65) 390 138

Nearby to Netzschkau and visible from quite a distance is the Kuhberg; a popular excursion destination. Standing at 51lm, it is the highest point in Northern Vogtland. The stone viewing tower is 21m high and was built around 1900. An easy climb to the top will reward you with a wonderful view of the surrounding area. Today it is made even more distinctive as it stands next to, and in contrast with, a television tower of nearly l00m built in 1991.

At the foot of the stone tower is an extensive model railway set, complete with a miniature replica of the Gölzschtal Bridge. A board also points out local walk and nature trails.

The new Sports hall in Siedlungsstraße in Netzschkau provides an excellent choice of free-time activities. It is also particularly well equipped for physically-challenged sports players and visitors.
Tel: (037 65) 390 147

Suggested day trips from Northern Vogtland:

  • visit the Pirk or Pöhl dams and take a steamer trip on the Pöhl.
  • Walk from Jocketa to the Elstertal bridge; the `little sister' of the Göltzschtal bridge.
  • Visit the famous lace town of Plauen, or the stalactite caves of Syrau.
  • Take a trip to the `music corner' of Vogtland; the towns of Markneukirchen and Klingental, famous for their production of quality musical instruments. Visit the Music Instrument Museum in Markneukirchen.
  • Practice winter sports in Mühlleiten or Aschberg.
  • Take the waters or just admire the our of spa towns Bad Elster and Bad Brambach.
  • Visit the town of Greiz in nearby Thüringen and see the park and the castle.
  • Drive to the nearby Czech Republic or to Bavaria.
  • Go hiking following one of our well marked walking trails.

The Tourist Office of Northern Vogtland has offices at the castle and at the Göltzschtal Bridge:

Burg 1, 08499 Mylau
Tel: (0 37 65) 39 28 08
Fax: (0 37 65) 39 28 06
Bridge Parking area: Göltzschtal 17
08491 Weidig